Community & Giving

Southland was created in part to benefit the community as a place to be gainfully employed. The need was identified by our founder for an employer that would treat its associates fairly, providing a means to provide for their families. Our founder’s vision was for his employees to be able to provide a dependable car and a safe home for their families while also being active citizens in the communities in which they lived.

Southland strives to continue that legacy of community leadership with each associate that joins us as we continue to grow. In addition to that vision, we also believe in fostering active leaders in the communities in which we live and work.

Southland takes pride in our support of nonprofit organizations and schools in North Carolina and Tennessee that are dedicated to making a difference in our communities. If you wish to explore how Southland can assist with your organization’s charitable event, call Kelly Taylor at 336-551-1306 or via email at